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life in chars

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6/23/08 12:13 am

college will be wonderful. i am so excited for friday. i am so ready. when i moved here i told my self three years here and ill move on. and here i am three years later finally going off. its strange though, i wasn't expecting to miss anything. but i find myself realizing how much i have made for myself living in this place. how many people i have met. how many people have effected my life and all the experiences that have made me who i am right now. and to think that i always told my self that none of these people were worth my time and that every inch of this strange town was worthless trash was mostly correct but i guess you can find some interesting things in garbage. thats a pretty fucked up way to look at it but whatever. i don't know its a strange feeling but i feel ready and prepared for this next stage of my life. damn though. ive been trying to clean my room but it just looks even messier. so much is happening and its so exciting. my sister is moving back up to new jersey. im going to college. all my friends are going to college. i feel like i can start over again. i feel like ill be a pro at it i just want to do it already. i got my housing information my schedule for both summer and fall. and ive met people already where i know ill be accepted and know ill be able to have a good time with.
blah fuck live journal im too stoned for this

4/28/08 10:49 pm

oooh, live journal i miss you.
i have neglected you for so long and i think it is time for a real post.

i guess ill just say what i remember.
got into USF i start june 30th so im excited for that i guess. i think im just excited about getting out of fort myers, and my house. my parents caught me driving home trashed out of my mind. that was pretty shitty. i witnessed my house being broken into while my parents were out of town. lost my job because my boss went crazy and disappeared, the restaurant closed shortly after. jennie and i are starting a t-shirt company, sweet shit. ive been doing a lot of art as well. lost some friends, made some friends. cut my hair. stole some books, smoked some weed.

3/31/08 05:33 pm


i dont know how i feel about this

12/28/07 12:08 am

aaaah, i love my mac. its super.
buttt, so i took down my parking pass today, and i realized that i dont ever need to put it up again........thats such a good feeling.

12/18/07 10:23 pm - FYI

Ok so just to let you know how absurd the North Fort Myers High School art department is....
Freedom of speech right?
Not so much, last time I checked my 1st amendment right is not taken away the moment I step into the doors of my high school.
Ok, so I am doing this painting, it’s pretty much a political cartoon, minus the cartoon. It’s a painting of Hillary Clinton with a hammer and sickle on her lapel, and a USSR army cap on. It’s simply saying that I feel that Hillary Clinton’s governmental positions and policies are communist, which they are.
Well apparently I am not aloud to voice my opinion because it offends mss miller, who by the way isn’t even the teacher of the class I am doing the painting for. It is completely a violation of my 1st amendment right to tell me that I cannot do this painting. Just because she doesn’t agree with my opinion on Hillary Clinton doesn’t give Ms Miller the right to tell me I can not do the painting. If I recall correctly, last year there was a painting done depicting Bush over a map playing with army men. Im sorry but that is no more offensive than my painting. Another piece of art, produced that is no more offensive was one that depicted a pregnant woman giving birth to eggs. So don’t tell me it is inappropriate for school.
My painting has no vulgarities what so ever, so nudity, no violence, no gang symbols, absolutely nothing that goes against the "rules" of what we can and can not create.
I am simply expressing my opinion on a topic that I feel strongly about, I feel sorry for one as close-minded as to try and censor something as simple as a political cartoon.

12/9/07 11:23 pm

so i have come the the conclusion that i am not crazy, yeah i have issues, but ive got my head on straight. i have also come to the conclusion that my father is a beer bellied drunken lunatic.

12/4/07 09:56 pm

ok, there are alot of changes in my life right now, and trust me its tough. but when i am just bantered for it every single day it doesnt exactly make it any easier. i was spread to thin and i guess i needed to nearly crash and burn for me to realize that, but now im just frantically trying to peice my life back together. so the least you can do is not give me a hard time about certain decisions i am making because i know they are right for me.

11/19/07 10:23 pm

i want a mechete
i hate going to school. i hate everything about.
i dont want to have to be around these worthless idiots another day of my life.
have i graduated yet?

11/13/07 09:41 pm

well its been 6 days since my parents decided to take control of my life. Having no car sucks. haveing no control over anything sucks even more. i dont feel like doing anything. in all honesty its not even worth getting up in the morning. This whole thing has just made me realize how much i cant wait to leave this god damn house. and town for that matter. in all actuality i have to say shits not good, shit sucks and its only going to get worse, or at least untill my parents realize that i am my own person, they have to stop trying to control my life, and that regardless of what they say or do i am going to do what i feel is right for me despite their feelings about it, and im not just talking about weed......all though a blunt would be wonderful right now.
-fuckme, right now,

11/10/07 05:18 pm

this is going to take some getting used to
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